The Alexander Dickson House – Hillsborough, North Carolina

The dickson_house1_1.jpgThe Alexander Dickson House – Hillsborough, North Carolina

This 18th century house, with its simple Quaker styling, is the house that Alexander Dickson owned during the Civil War.  It was the headquarters for Confederate General Hampton and was where General Johnson prepared surrender papers for General Sherman in April, 1865.

Alexander Dickson had started a linen weaving factory at the beginning of the Civil War when cotton was lacking.  He had the first power looms working in the area and in 1883 the company became known as Messrs Dickson, Tillie & Company.  They produced and finished a wide range of products like bleached linens, suiting, diapers, huckabacks, towels and tea towels.

The house was moved from its original location (1 mile southeast of Hillsborough) to 150 E. King Street and now serves as the Orange County Visitors Center.  There is also an 18th and 19th century medicinal and herbal garden on the site.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 4 pm, Saturday 10 – 4 and Sunday 1 – 4.  Closed on major holidays.

Admission: Free

Phone: 919-732-7741

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  1. Unfortunately, Great, Great Grandpa Dickson wasn’t much of a businessman. When he passed away he was in debt. He was never very smart or successful at business, but always very ambitious. My Grandfather grew up in this house and his Aunt Nannie used to tell him stories of her and neighbors caring for the sick and wounded Confederate soldiers. Great stuff. The stories I could pass on. Scott Dickson Great, Great Grandson of Alexander Dickson

  2. Oh yeah, I have in my possession tons of receipts and papers from the Dickson Mills and businesses, as well as a small fortune in Confederate money. Too bad I can’t use it now…ha! Scott Dickson

  3. Looking for info. on Alexander Dickson b. Oct. 15, 1830 & d. 1916. Buried in Clifton N. J. Wife was Tamzon Hoffman Dickson. Four children; Ida, Laura, Walter & Samuel H. Dickson. Any connection to the Dickson House in Hillsborough NC ?

  4. herb englishman

    For Scott Dickson

    We are researching early Eno River families for a book. Anything you could provide on your grandfather would be appreciated and credit will be given

  5. marshall ramsey

    Enjoyed visiting this site and learning the history of the house and Alexander. I am helping Alex Dickson (Columbia, S.C.) look into his Dickson ancestry, he being a great great grandson of that Alexander—–line from Alexander 1807 to Archie Alex 1843, A.A. 1888, A.A. 1912, to Alex A. 1939.
    We have been able to identify Adam as the father of Alexander (1807) and some fine cemetery records with dates where his wife and several of his children were buried. We are curious about previous generations—–do you know of a site that might disclose the earlier Dicksons?

    One ambition we have—to visit the Alexander Dickson, Bed and Breakfast.